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Saab Biopower Hybrid Concept

The Saab BioPower Hybrid Concept is a showcase of new technology that you may see in future Saab cars.  Everything is neatly packed into a Saab 9-3 Convertible. 

Saabs new hybrid concept is based on pure bioethanol and further developments Saab's existing BioPower technology.  By using 100% bioethanol the engine can produce even more power due to its high octane rating.  At the same time fossil fuel emission is reduced to zero.


By coupling the turbo-charged engine with a battery-charged full hybrid drive system the car can deliver stunning performance and mileage.
Press the Zero Mode button and you can drive fully electric at speeds below 50 km/h.  The powerful batteries have capacity enough for you to drive 10–20 km without using the combustion engine.

Zero Mode is just perfect for commuting, or in congested driving conditions at lower speed.  The car automatically turns to normal hybrid drive when you raise speed over 50 km/h, when you need powerful acceleration, or if the battery charge should run low.

The turbocharging is tuned to take further advantage of the higher octane rating of pure bioethanol(E100).  So, the engine can produce 260 bhp and a huge 375 Nm torque.

Acceleration is boosted by the electric motors of the hybrid system. Helping to catapult you from zero to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds.  Faster than most diesel or petrol-powered cars, but with zero fossil fuel emission.

However, as with all Saab BioPower cars, the engine is immensely flexible and can run equally well on fuels ranging from 100 % petrol to 100 % bioethanol or anything in between.  Which means you can keep driving while waiting for the world to catch up with Saab BioPower technology by ensuring widespread availability of E100.


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