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Home » Concept Cars » Volkswagen

Volkswagen Camper Chameleon Concept

new vw camper van


Few people know that the classic Volkswagen Camper Van is still available to buy today, brand new, built in Brazil.  The current camper van has had many upgrades along the years and no longer uses it air-cooled engine.  The VW Camper is still more popular than ever with customisers.  

Volkswagen of America has taken a 1964 Deluxe Microbus and retrofitted it with a collection of cutting edge technologies.  The retrofit, done as a publicity tool contains the latest in audio, speech, sensors, displays, navigation, lighting, batteries, solar cells, and much more.

Being called the Chameleon, this camper contains the classic looks and features with future technologies hidden within with a mission to continuously develop technologies that enhance the driving experience while limiting driver distraction.

The original VW engine has been replaced with an all-electric-drive engine powered by lithium polymer batteries.  Surfboards mounted on the roof are also lined with flexible solar panels that provide an additional source of energy to this 100% electric vehicle.


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