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Modec Zero emission Electric Vans

modec electric vans


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The Modec range is quiet, pollution free and with a carrying capacity to put most others in the shade, the Modec range could be the future of urban delivery. Developing an impressive 102bhp and 300Nm of torque, Modec vans can carry two tonnes up to one hundred miles at fifty miles an hour with zero emissions - all from a single charge.


Modec is a sound business choice with zero congestion charges, zero road tax and zero operator licence requirements and has close to zero effect on our environment.


With a massive 300Nm of torque available from rest and a single gear to cover their normal operating range, Modec vans are easy use and operate.


Modec vans make sound commercial as well as environmental sense. Intelligent design means inherently low maintenance costs from features such as ‘bounce-back’ lower body panels that can absorb minor impacts and a motor that has just 3 moving parts (compared to over 300 in a typical diesel engine). Features like these translate directly into benefits such as long 20,000 mile service intervals and low insurance rates.


Zero tailpipe emissions mean that Modec vans are the intelligent choice for urban environments where exhaust fumes are an enduring problem. Whisper quiet, they’re ideal for early morning and late night deliveries in residential or retail areas that might otherwise be prevented by the noise pollution of a conventional vehicle.

Modec’s  excellent environmental credentials help to ensure that your business can gain the credit it deserves for operating in a socially responsible manner.  And when it finally reaches the end of its working life, you can be reassured by the fact that over 90% of each Modec van is recyclable.


Modec vehicles are available in a number of variants including drop side, box van and chassis cab.


Dealer Details or call 0870 626 0011 quoting Green Car Site.


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Reviewed by David Wright from Birmingham on 02 August 2007

I don't own one (Modec shortcab panel van), but have driven one twice now. Really nice to drive but I do understand the criticisms I've seen, which are that the rear-access slider door to the cab is an annoying feature as it sacrifices valuable loadspace (and the reasoning used by Modec doesn't impress). Proper cab doors are available on the longcab variant. And the other criticism is that by insisting on marketing a design which ignores important category thresholds, on size and tax bandings (which matter a lot to fleet managers) they are denying themselves potential business and possibly going to find themselves scrabbling to win seriously big orders.

That said, the pleasure of driving the Modec, for anyone who does find it suitable, is immense, and truly confirms that battery power can do the job. My last drive was with a 1.1tonne pallet of concrete paving slabs onboard, crossing a city. I was wary of one particular hill, and was able to take a run at it and it coped OK. I have not yet tested it in heavy traffic on a steep hill and will report again when I have.

Avoid the London Congestion Charge




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