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Home » Electric Cars » Sakura

Sakura Maranello4

Sakura Maranello4 electric cars


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With more electric cars appearing on the roads, the Maranello4 is a new contender to compete against the G-Wiz.  Already available in Italy from EFFIDI Automotive group it will now be available in the UK.

The plug-in Maranello4 is well suited for inner city driving.  The two seater vehicle has a range of 45 miles with a top speed of 30mph.  As electric cars do not produce emissions they are exempt from congestion charge and benefits from discounted parking at key locations.  Click Here for further details.

At 9,950 OTR the car is supplied with a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty and the sealed maintenance free batteries are covered by a 2 year warranty.

Sakura will also start importing a diesel-electric hybrid version of the car, with a top speed of 50mph and a range of 250 miles.


More details on both models will be released shortly.


CO2 emissions: Zero

Engine: DC Electric Motor

Power: 4.0Kw
Transmission : Automatic
Top Speed: 30mph
0-62 MPH: n/a

Range: 45 miles
Warranty: 36months/Unlimited

               battery-24 months



Dealer Details




Reviewed by John from London on 16th January 2007

I drove this car for about 20 minutes a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised.  It feels far more solid than the other electric vehicles I have tried, and looks less stupid too!
I was a bit worried about the 30mph top speed but actually in the city it is quite adequate - and means you'll probably get a better range than with cars that do 40mph.
One clever addition is the heater which runs off a small diesel tank (one tank apparently lasts a year or so) - this means that valuable power for the heating is not taken from the main battery.  This is not insignificant given than when the heating is being used it'll probably be pretty cold outside and therefore the battery will be only working at a fraction of its Summer performance.

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