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Home » Green Cars » Fiat Panda

Fiat Panda 1.3 Multijet Dynamic 5d

fiat panda


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Third generation Fiat Panda - emissions from 99g/km of CO2

The third generation Fiat Panda, Europe’s best-selling supermini, is bigger, roomier, safer and more fuel efficient than its predecessors...

new fiat panda uk efficient cars

The popular UK Fiat Panda range has been boosted by the arrival of tthe state-of-the-art turbodiesel featuring Fiat Auto’s widely acclaimed, Euro 4-compatible, 1.3 litre 16-valve MultiJet engine – the smallest and most advanced common rail direct injection turbodiesel in the world.

This resulta in not only the most powerful and quickest Panda in the range, but also the one with the lowest fuel consumption (65.7 mpg combined official figure), lowest emissions and lowest running costs.



In fact, the new Panda diesel has running costs significantly lower than almost all other new cars on UK roads today – including an annual car tax bill of just £85.

Fiat Auto’s ground-breaking 1.3 16v MultiJet engine made waves in the automotive world when it was launched in the Punto in mid-2003, and now it is also available in the Panda.

With 70 bhp at its disposal, the 1.3 16v MultiJet is the most powerful Panda by a significant margin, and its high torque (145 Nm/107 lb.ft at just 1500 rpm) provides a driving experience considerably more relaxed, refined and exhilarating than would be expected in this segment of the market.

Alongside all the benefits of performance, acceleration and flexibility associated with such a powerplant, the Panda 1.3 16v MultiJet also manages to cover more than 75 mpg outside town, and even in the urban environment returns 52 mpg. Combine this with its ultra-low 114 g/km carbon dioxide emissions and Euro 4 compatibility, and the new Panda diesel has running costs significantly lower than almost all other new cars today.

Small cars with diesel engines are still a rare breed, but with the UK diesel market growing continuously for over four years, and reaching over 32% in 2004, it is certainly an area which is on the increase. The new Panda diesel will also appeal to people other than those who purposely choose a diesel engine, since it offers the best performance of the range. The refined high-tech MultiJet engine is also less diesel-like than most of its competitors, thus allowing the car to be sold simply as the quickest Panda, for those who have no preference for diesel.


CO2 emissions: 114g/km

MPG Combined: 65.7

Engine: 1248cc Diesel
Transmission : 5 Manual

BHP: 70/145 NM

Top Speed: 99 mph

0.62mph: 13 secs
Insurance Group: 2
Warranty: 24months/Unlimited



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new fiat panda uk efficient cars "Panda 4x4"


Reviewed by Jakob Bonds from Stockholm, Sweden on 19 March 2012

Panda MJT 1.3 2007: In my family we’ve always kept two cars, one large premium car and a small city car for the convenience and needs for both my wife and me. However increasing cost awareness made us to choose just one car. This spring we bought a Fiat Panda with the 1,3 litre diesel engine and we’ve grown very fond of it.

Splendid drive and an astonishing speed sensation, 70 km/h feels like 90, due to the high driving position and low cut windows. It makes keeping speed limits much easier. In spite of that the Panda is quite quick and the nimble handling shortens the travel time between home and work significantly in rush hour traffic.

But its at the gas station that the real “power of the panda” comes in to weight. The fuel efficiency and record low running costs of the 1,3 litre multi-jet diesel is just amazing.

In spite of the increasing diesel prices I’m paying less than half the fuel bills I paid for my big Volvo before.

Fiat is the master designer of small cars and they proven themselves again. I strongly recommend this car for its nice handling and overall fitness. 5 stars.

Footnote: I’ve owned and driven a number of cars big and small over the years. The Panda is in fact my 5th Fiat in a succession of Uno’s. The bigger cars I owned includes a couple of Volvos and Mercedes.


Reviewed by John R from Stourbridge, West Midlands 07 March 2011

1.3 (1248) Diesel Panda: I bought the Panda new, May 2007, since then I've done 48000 miles. The car has not missed a beat. A few days ago a bulb went behind the dash, and now the cluth has just started to slip slightly if used too hard, not quite needed to replace yet, but have been quoted £290 locally. Annual road tax of only £30 has save enough for the cluth on it's own. I drive pretty carefully, (although not a 'Sunday Driver')and I get a regular return of between 60-65mpg (to and from Birmingham daily). On a long run 70mpg. In the winter it returns about 5mpg less. If you can drive at 60-65 on the motorway and keep your tyres checked with the proper low resistance tyres then expect over 70mpg.
It will do just under 100mph (indicated speed)and although not the quietest car in the world, by no means so obtrusive that it's a problem.
There is just about room for two adults in the back, but not for a long journey, and there is a surprising boot for such a small car.
 I now I can drive better, and can probably drive for less, but considering the running costs and allowing for the relativley low cost of the car, I doubt I could driver better for less.


Reviewed by Julie Pender from Manchester on 25 August 2010

Panda Synamic: This is my second panda and i cannot sing the praises of this car enough.  Economical on petrol love the city drive and also where the fear stick is situated.  If my local dealer would of contacted me in march i would of liked to have bought a 10 reg one. This car is a dream to drive


Reviewed by Tina Storr from Hull, East Yorkshire on 04 October 2009

Fiat Panda 1.3  Diesel multijet: Perfect car for the city, nice & small, to fit comfortably in those tiny spaces in cars park, city button makes parking even better, fuel consumption excellent, as I've only filled mine up three time since Jan 09, easy to clean, drive & looks pretty too.

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