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Home » Green Commercial Vehicles » GEM eLXD

GEM, eLXD electric utility vehicle



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GEM (Global Electric Motorcars) electric vehicles are designed to make business transport clean, green, cost effective and practical.

The eLXD has an innovative, curved, open design which provides a high-level driving position, excellent all round visibility and ample cabin space.

The heavy-duty eLXD utility model has a top speed of 28mph and an extended roaming range of 50 miles per charge, which is ideal for most urban postal delivery cycles or parks & gardens use. GEM vehicles cost around 1.5p per mile to run and provide the equivalent of 450mpg.


Standard features include;

     Impressive 630kg payload capacity,

      9x no-maintenance heavy-duty 8V gel batteries,

      Upgraded suspension and 185/70R13 tyres,

      Heavy-duty aluminium space frame chassis,

      Easy access to all motor and battery components.


The eLXD has flexible load configurations including;

      2 cubic metre heavy-duty aluminium cargo storage box with lockable roller/shutter doors,

      Flatbed pick-up with drop sides (all 2 sides),

      Flatbed pick-up with side rails,

      500KG tipper (with manual hydraulic pump).


Over 40,000 GEM vehicles have been sold worldwide, they are used by NASA, the US Army, various police forces and thousands of happy business owners worldwide. The economical, versatile vehicles are totally electric, producing no air pollution, exhaust emissions or loud noises. For a small additional charge ITF are able to offset the O2 produced during the manufacturing process ensuring complete carbon neutrality.  GEM batteries are recharged via a mains power lead which plugs directly into the vehicle and any standard electrical socket.


As with all electric cars, GEM vehicles are exempt from the London Congestion Charge and Road Tax. Other benefits include discounted or free parking and free battery charging at a number of central car park locations. The eLXD is fully tax deductible.


ITF is the sole UK distributor of GEM utility vehicles. 



CO2 emissions: Zero

Transmission: Automatic

Top Speed: 28 mph

Range: 50 miles

Charge time: 6-8 hrs

Warranty: 12 months



Model RRP (OTR) Inc VAT


from 13,095.00


Dealer Details for GEM electric vans or call GEM on 0844 736 5727 quoting GreenCarSite

Avoid the London Congestion Charge




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