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Home » Electric Cars » NICE Mega

Nice Mega City Electric Vehicles

Nice Mega City electric cars


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The NICE (No Internal Combustion Engine) MEGA City is an electric car built to make city life easier.  As an electric car, the MEGA City has zero emissions. The high torque electric motor accelerates the MEGA City quickly to a top speed of 40mph and has a range of up to 50 miles which will suit most city driving conditions.

As with all electric vehicles, the NICE is exempt from the London Congestion Charge, Road Tax and benefits from discounted parking at a number of central car park locations.  Details of which can be found here.



The MEGA City has no exhaust and zero emissions.  Even if you account the CO2 produced in supplying the electricity to the mains socket to charge the car, the NICE MEGA City still has lower emissions than any combustion engine.  If you are still concerned, you can choose to offset any CO2 that has been produced in the manufacturing of your vehicle to ensure complete carbon neutrality.
Made from 100% recyclable thermo-plastic on a tough aluminium safety structure, this three-doors, two seat car is comfortable for short city commutes.

The MEGA City is available from £9,995 in a range of colours and upgrade options including MP3 player, Sat-Nat and a body kit with 14" alloy wheels.  Expensive yes, but this can soon recouped with fuel working out to less than 1.5p per mile.  Total annual savings can be up to £7,000.
Charging can be done from any regular mains socket at home or at one of the growing number of public charging locations.



CO2 emissions: Zero

MPG: 1.5p/mile

Engine: Electric DC

Power: 4KW

Batteries: 8 AGM Lead
Transmission : Automatic


Top Speed: 40mph
0-62 MPH: n/a

Range: 50miles

Charge time: 8hrs
Warranty: 24months



Dealer Details



Business as normal at NICE Car

Londonís electric vehicle specialist, NICE Car Company, has resumed trading as the London sales arm of...


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Reviewed by Jodie from Essex on 12th October 2010

Aixam Mega City: This car is amazing. Its good for the environment and its orange. What more could you want!?


Reviewed by Carly from London on 29th May 2007

I test drove a Mega City last week as I am fed up with commuting and have been giving serious thought to getting an electric car for my daily journey into work. I was pleasantly surprised by how spacious, comfortable and quiet the car is. Being only two seats, I thought I may feel cramped while driving but had plenty of head and leg space. Also, there is a good boot space. I like the fact that the car comes into a range of colours (especially the orange) and the savings I make will exceed what I currently pay out for commuting, what with no tax or congestion charge and free parking in Westminster, where I work.


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Avoid the London Congestion Charge

Save ££££'s on a New Car


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