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Home » Electric Vans » Nice Multitruck

Nice MultiTruck Electric Commercial Vehicle

nice mega truck electric delivery van


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The NICE (No Internal Combustion Engine) MEGA Multitruck is designed for London business.  It benefits from no congestion charge, no road tax, and discounted parking at some locations.  It is also fully tax deductible.




The ultra compact Multitruck comes is optimised for urban areas and small spaces.  It is available in a number of customisable options.  For full details and a brochure, please contact NICE Car Company as below.


Prices start from £10,200 ex VAT



CO2 emissions: None

Engine: 8 or 12 Lead Acid batteries
Transmission : Auto

Power: 4kw

Range: 35 - 50 miles
Top Speed: 30 mph
Charge time: 7 hours
Warranty: 2 years



Dealer Details



Business as normal at NICE Car

Londonís electric vehicle specialist, NICE Car Company, has resumed trading as the London sales arm of...

Avoid the London Congestion Charge



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