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Renault Laguna 1.5 DCi


Renault Laguna 1.5 DCi

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With a style inspired by a desire to achieve a dynamic, fluid and elegant appearance, New Laguna also boasts high quality levels, in keeping with its target of being in the top three in its segment for product quality, as outlined in Renault Commitment 2009.

Everything about New Laguna has been designed for genuine driving pleasure, combining outstanding ride quality and comfort with top-class handling performance. Among its key features are an impressively light chassis, precise steering and a wide range of engines and gearboxes, offering the perfect blend of high performance and fuel economy.

The comprehensive engine line-up in New Laguna offers power between 110hp and 175hp, including three new engines: 1.5 dCi 110, 2.0 dCi 130 and 2.0 16V 140. With the 2.0 dCi 150 mated to the new Renault-Nissan Alliance six-speed automatic gearbox, which has already received considerable acclaim from the media in the Mégane range, it is both flexible and efficient. The new economical and ecological 1.5 dCi 110 version of New Laguna, offers the finest possible balance between emissions, fuel economy and performance in its segment with 55.4 mpg on a combined cycle and only 136 grams of CO 2 per km. Completing the additions, is the new smooth and responsive 140hp two-litre 16V petrol engine, developed jointly again by Renault and Nissan, which runs silently under the bonnet of New Laguna.

The petrol range will appear on the market gradually, starting with the dynamic, smooth and silent 140hp two-litre 16V engine (M4R). With verve and torque even at the lowest engine speeds, power at high speed and smooth soundproofing at all times, this engine, provides impressive acoustic performance and driving comfort. The 170hp two-litre 16V Turbo petrol engine with its six-speed pro-active gearbox completes the petrol range.

The diesel range is based around Renault’s highly acclaimed 1.5 and 2.0 dCi engines. The former offers the best balance between performance and fuel consumption in this segment, with special eco-leader status (136 grams CO 2 /km). Then, there is the 2.0 dCi, which is available in three different versions: 130, 150 and 175hp, and for the first time, will feature a six-speed proactive automatic gearbox on the 150hp version.

New engines will be added gradually after launch, to give one of the most comprehensive line-ups in the upper-medium class. As part of Renault Commitment 2009, New Laguna will make a major contribution to Renault’s ‘eco²’ environmental initiative with engines which are already designed to comply with the forthcoming Euro5 standard. The first of these at launch will be the 2.0 dCi 175 FAP (particulate filter).

1.5 dCi engine: indisputable market eco-leader

The new 110hp diesel engine in New Laguna sips fuel at a rate of just 55.4 mpg (with emissions of 136 grams CO 2 per kilometre), while its oil change interval has increased to 18,000 miles due to its new OCS (Oil Control System) which debuts across the range . This powerful yet economical engine is suitable for tough use, particularly high mileage customers.

Designed to respect the environment

The Renault ‘eco²’ initiative is a sign of Renault’s work to protect the environment, designating the vehicles which meet a specified set of both ecological and economical criteria: manufactured in an ISO 14001- certified plant, with CO 2 emissions of less than 140 g/km (or running on E85 bioethanol or B30 biodiesel, and with at least 5% of plastics used sourced from recycling. The 110hp diesel version of New Laguna meets all the conditions required to receive the Renault ‘eco²’ label. It has been designed to comply with quotas of 85% recyclability and 95% recovery by 2015, using more than 35kg of recycled plastic and more than 15kg of renewable materials.

New Laguna makes its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September before going on sale in the UK on October 12.

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