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Home » Electric Cars » Stevens ZeCar

Stevens ZeCar Electric Vehicles

stevens vehicles zecar electric car


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Stevens Vehicles Ltd are a new British manufacturer of zero emission electric vehicles for personal and commercial use.

Zecar® and Zevan® are two new electric vehicles manufactured in Wales by Stevens Vehicles Ltd.  Both vehicles share the same platform.  The vehicles are designed with the brief to create a low environmental impact vehicle range - from well to wheel - that will be economically viable for global village transport.   Focused on low cost for developing nations, this cost discipline has made it economically and commercially viable to manufacture in the UK for niche markets, like the current electric vehicle market in London.   

The design incorporates few components and minimal few mod cons, leveraging existing valid designs and technologies as far as possible, enabling it to address environmental costs from design through production, use and to its end-of-life. 

The vehicles are designed to maximise internal space relative to external footprint dimensions.  This means that although the vehicle is shorter and narrower than most compact vehicle, it is taller, giving the equivalent space of a much larger vehicle.  We believe this will make the vehicle attractive for many market segments, particularly in urban environments, where ease of parking is important. 

Economically, the switch to electric vehicles simply cuts costs, from whichever way.  Running costs are less than 2p a mile. Batteries and motors are maintenance free, making servicing easy. 

Lastly, above their obvious environmental credentials, our vehicles provide good PR and promotional opportunities for commercial customers.

ZeCar® Detailed Specifications 

  • Top speed = 56mph
  • Range = up to 110 miles depending upon battery pack option
  • Dimensions: 3m long, 1.76m high, 1.5m wide
  • ZeCar® = 5 door, 5 seater urban run-about.

  • Steel chassis and space frame safety cage

  • Glass reinforced plastic body panels


  • Automatic - no gear changes or heavy gearbox
  • Two brushless, maintenance-free, AC induction motors
  • One motor drives each rear wheel (no heavy differential)
  • Regenerative braking
  • HDT belt drive
  • 5:1 reduction ratio allowing 20% (1 in 5) hill climb


  • 48v System: 36 Hp (27kw) & 160 ft lbs of torque – 50mph top speed
  • 72v System: 70 Hp (52kw) & 132 ft lbs of torque – 56mph top speed
  • 3 step charging system operated from standard 240v domestic plug
  • Safe and maintenance-free batteries: either sealed gel lead acid or LiFeP04 lithium ion.


  • Safer for people – Electric vehicles emit no toxins or pollutants or exhaust fumes into the air, reducing risks of pollution-induced illnesses and cancers for you and for others around you.
  • Safe Voltages – All our vehicles use safe levels of electric voltage - 48v or 72v - considerably less than the 240v power supply found at home.
  • Regulatory Standards – Our vehicles are built to meet the UK Road Vehicle Construction & Use Regulations - the same standards as every school bus, coach and truck in the UK.  They also built to the highest electric vehicle safety levels, complying with the United Nations EV100 international electric vehicle guidelines.
  • Our vehicles have also been developed using the crash testing simulation facilities and expertise of the world class British Transport Research Laboratory.

Costs - From £10 a day to buy, under 2p a mile to charge, and 15p a mile to run.

  • £21,995 for ZeCar® (on the road, including gel batteries)

Stevens dealers, Tel: 01639 864730


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