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Hybrid cars to represent 10 percent of Honda's sales (21/12/2007)

honda hybrid sales target set

Honda's President Takeo Fukui announced that hybrid cars will account for 10 per cent of Honda's global car sales by 2010, further strengthening the company's long-standing commitment to hybrid technology which began nine years ago with the launch of the ground-breaking Honda Insight.

To achieve this within the next two years, Honda has committed to building two new hybrid models in addition to the existing Civic Hybrid:

Strengthening Honda’s effort to reduce its environmental footprint


  • In addition to Civic Hybrid, Honda will introduce a new dedicated hybrid vehicle in 2009. The new dedicated hybrid vehicle will be equipped with a newly developed lightweight and compact IMA (integrated motor assist) system and offered at a more affordable price level base on Honda’s efforts to significantly reduce cost. The worldwide sales plan for this vehicle is approximately 200,000 units annually.
  • A new sports hybrid, based on the CR-Z introduced at Tokyo Motor Show, will be sold globally. With this enhanced hybrid product lineup, Honda envisions that hybrid models will account for approximately 10% of Honda’s global automobile sales by around 2010.


  • The second-generation i-DTEC engine will first be installed to models for European markets in 2008, North America in 2009, and Japan will follow. 

Fuel Cell Vehicle and Home Energy Station

  • In November 2007, Honda debuted an all-new fuel cell vehicle, FCX Clarity. Lease sales of FCX Clarity will begin in summer 2008 in the U.S. and fall 2008 in Japan. In addition to achieving the ultimate clean operation, Honda will offer new value and attractiveness such as future-oriented design and the joy of driving which can be achieved only with fuel cell vehicles.
  • In the U.S., Honda has begun experimental operation of the fourth-generation Home Energy Station which is designed to provide fuel for a hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle, as well as cogeneration functions for the home. Honda will continue to advance this technology to achieve a CO2-free society in the future.

Solar Cell

  • In October 2007, the new solar cell production plant of Honda Soltec began operation. The annual production is expected to reach the full capacity rate of 27.5 megawatts (an equivalent amount of electricity to power approximately 9,000 houses) by spring 2008.

  • Sales of solar cells will be accelerated by increasing the number of distributor locations from the current 80 locations to more than 200 locations within 2008. Moreover, Honda Soltec will establish its business with an eye toward global expansion of sales.
  • Accelerating our efforts in Japan to strengthen the core characteristic that make Honda unique


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