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Lotus Exige 265E

Being green does not have to be dull.  We have already seen a number of exciting electric cars soon to be available from the likes of Venturi, Tesla and the Connaught hybrid but this the first exciting Bio-ethanol car seen on Green Car Comparison Site.



Lotus, always admired for its work with new technologies has proved Green Cars can be fun and seriously quick.  The Lotus Exige 265E is the quickest car Lotus have ever produced.  Based on the standard 220S, it now produces 264bhp, 184lb ft or torque, 0-60 in 3.8 seconds and will go onto 159mph.  All this is achieved with just a few modifications to the fuel system.  The 265E runs on 85% bio-ethanol (produced from cereals, sugar beet, sugar cane) and just 15% petrol.

The Exige 265E will not be available just yet.  Bio-ethanol is a highly-corrosive fluid and therefore building engines to withstand this is not an easy or cheap process however this could be the future to come.



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