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New Citroen Nemo duel fuel van (18/07/2008)

With the launch of the new CitroŽn Nemo X 1.4i dual fuel van the CitroŽn Ready to Run range of Nicholson McLaren Engines (NME) converted dual fuel (petrol/LPG) vans has just been expanded.  This new addition to the CitroŽn Ready to Run range will go on sale, priced from £8,820 + VAT + delivery, after its announcement at the UK Motor Show (Excel, London, July 22 Ė August 3 2008).

Robert Handyside, CitroŽnís commercial vehicle operations manager, says, ďRising petrol and diesel prices, along with the confirmation, last week, that dual fuel vehicles will retain their London Congestion Charge Zone exemption status, have considerably enhanced the appeal of CitroŽn Ready to Run dual fuel vans.  Both the new Nemo and existing Berlingo First dual fuel vans are exempt from the London Congestion Zone charge as they meet Powershift Band 4 emissions standards.Ē

With an average price of 58p per litre (Fleet News, July 10) LPG is half the price of petrol (119p per litre) and about 40 per cent the cost of diesel (132p per litre).  This alone is sufficient to deliver major fuel savings for any UK operator.  If the operator is based within the London Congestion Charge Zone or regularly works within it, dual fuel Nemo and Berlingo First vans can deliver considerable additional savings of up to £1,696 p.a.

The NME dual fuel conversion fitted to the CitroŽn Nemo X 1.4i dual fuel van is the same technically advanced system which has been proven in approaching 2,000 Berlingo/Berlingo First dual fuel vans.  The Nemo conversion includes a 53 litre LPG tank mounted in place of the spare wheel. Nemo dual fuel vans have the same performance characteristics as the petrol engined vehicle and meet European standard R6701 and is fully European On Board Diagnosis (EOBD) compliant.

Robert Handyside adds, ďFor operation in Congestion Charge zones, both the new Nemo and Berlingo First dual fuel vans are a practical, productive and very economical solution.  Whether it is intensive urban operation or inter-city courier use from a London base, NME converted dual fuel vans have proved to be an exceptionally reliable and economical transport optionĒ.

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