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Renault Zero emission all-electric concept


zero emission cars

Renault is furthering its strategy aimed at reducing CO2 emissions with the development of electric vehicles. Since the beginning of 2008, the Renault-Nissan Alliance has signed agreements, which will lead to the mass marketing of this form of vehicle from 2011.

Z.E. Concept ('Z.E.': Zero Emission) is Renault's vision of the electric vehicle as an efficient, user-friendly, zero-emission car. Based on the brand new Renault Kangoo be bop, Z.E. Concept features a fun design which has been adapted to the spirit of an electric vehicle, with the focus on minimising energy consumption while at the same time providing core comfort features.

The energy consumption of auxiliary functions such as lighting, heating, climate control, etc. is an electric vehicle's range, so special attention has been paid to optimise energy management. Z.E. Concept also incorporates several interactive information features which are fun to use.

Z.E. Concept is powered by a 70kW electric motor with torque of 226Nm, with lithium-ion batteries.

Solar panels, positioned on the roof, power a temperature regulation system. Cooling the inside of a vehicle uses a great deal of energy, but this system permits a pleasant temperature to be maintained in the cabin, even at standstill or when parking, and avoids having to switch on the climate control when starting the vehicle.

The conventional drag-producing exterior mirrors have been replaced by streamlined, low-energy cameras which are also powered by the roof-mounted solar panels to enhance all-round visibility, especially when manoeuvring. The low-drag full-disc aluminium alloy wheels also improve aerodynamic performance.

The headlamps use efficient, high-performance light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which are not only long lasting but also low consumers of energy.

Z.E. Concept is equipped with a 70kW (95hp) electric motor which delivers torque of 226Nm, making it particularly flexible, responsive and comfortable to use. Batteries are lithium-ion type.


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