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Renault Eco2 Logan achieves emissions of 71g/km (16/11/2007)

The Renault Logan saloon is already a smash-hit around the world. Now the high-selling model has another target in its sights, following an impressive set of fuel economy and emissions results at this year’s Challenge Bibendum in China, held this week.

The exceptional success of the Logan Renault ‘eco² Concept, an experimental car conceived for the Michelin-organised event in Shanghai, adds weight to Renault's belief that it is possible to combine ecology and economy, affordably and without detracting from performance.

A range of technical enhancements and the eco-driving style of its driver enabled the Logan Renault eco² Concept to cover the 172.2km route of the 2007 Challenge

Bibendum on a mere 4.69 litres of B30 biodiesel. This gave an average fuel consumption of 2.72 litres per 100km and CO2 emissions of just 71g/km.  During NEDC combined cycle homologation tests for the vehicle, it achieved a result of 97g CO2/km.

After the Challenge, competing vehicles were judged on the following criteria: an acceleration test, a slalom test, noise emissions and a regularity run. Out of a total field of 74 vehicles, the Logan Renault eco² Concept finished an impressive second. This excellent result demonstrates its ecological credentials were not obtained to the detriment of performance which very much remains a feature of the car.

The Renault eco² symbol illustrates the brand's commitment to offering a line-up of ecological, economical vehicles that show measurable results throughout their life cycles, as well as new technologies at prices which most customers can afford.

To qualify for the Renault eco² symbol, vehicles must comply with all three of the criteria listed below:
- They must emit less than 140g of CO2/km or else run on biofuel,
- They must be manufactured in an ISO 14001-certified factory,
- They must be 95% end-of-life reusable, and at least 5% of the plastics used in their production must be sourced from recycling.

Today, 40% of the versions in the Renault range qualify.

Powered by a 1.5 dCi 85hp engine running on B30 biofuel, it incorporates a variety of technical enhancements and innovations, all of which are paths for future vehicle development at Renault.

Depending on the country of sale, Logan is commercialised under the Dacia and Renault brands. The Dacia brand comes to the UK in early 2009.


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