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Major LPG initiative from Subaru (10/01/08)

LPG congestion charge car line up from Subaru

Subaru has launched a major LPG initiative on selected Forester, Legacy and Outback models, offering customers significant savings in the war against increasing fuel prices and running costs.

All new Forester 2.0 litre models are now available with a free LPG dual-fuel conversion worth over £1,900 including VAT, plus three years’ free servicing valued at a further £770.

This not only allows the Forester to run on LPG which is approximately half the price of petrol but greatly extends the total range between fill-ups. By running on a full tank of LPG the driver can expect a fuel cost saving of around 40 per cent.

Forester prices start from £17,677 on-the-road for the Forester 2.0 X which has full-time symmetrical all-wheel drive, a high and low ratio manual gearbox, hill-holder clutch, self-levelling rear suspension and comfort features such as climate control air-conditioning, radio/CD player and four electric windows.

The three years’ free servicing offer has a mileage limit of 36,000 miles – equivalent to three major services.

In addition, LPG conversions are also now available on all Legacy and Outback 2.5 litre models – both manual and automatic – at a cost of £1,973 including VAT.

And like the Forester, this enables owners to not only reduce fuel costs but they can also be registered for London Congestion Zone exemption, saving £8 per day.



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