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Top British Green Sports Cars

Ginetta G50 Electric Vehicle

Ginetta Cars have been building road and race cars since 1958.  Today the Yorkshire-based...

Ginetta G50 EV

Trident Iceni - 200mph, 100mpg grand tourer Trident Performance Vehicles have designed and produced a two-seater sports car...

Lotus Elise Trackday Warrior Turns Eco Warrior The Eco Elise project promotes a different perspective on “green”, one which...

Lotus Exige 270E Tri-fuel

The Lotus Exige 270E Tri-fuel is the most powerful road version yet of the Exige (0-60...

The Morgan LifeCar

The Morgan LifeCar is a concept car due to be launched at the Geneva Show in March 2008...

Aston Martin Racing E85 Vantage GT2

Known as the Vantage GT2, the new car is based on the V8 engined Aston Martin Vantage....

Concept Climax

An environmentally friendly sports car for the 21st Century...

Go Electric in classic style

Want an electric car with the looks of a classic, the feel of a conventional car, and the power...

The Lightning GT

Combining classic British sports car design with racing car technology the Lightning is powered...

Trident Performance Vehicles

0-60mph in 3.9 seconds - Top speed of 170mph - 70mpg...

Connaught Type-d

The world's first high performance hybrid sports coupe featuring the world's first V10 hybrid...

Morgan Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Prototype

Hydrogen-fuelled, zero-emissions car – but built using Morgan’s wooden-framed body...

Lotus Exige 265E

The 265E runs on 85% bio-ethanol (produced from cereals, sugar beet, sugar cane) and just...

Caparo T1 Greener than you think

Principles of lightweight vehicle design can be similarly applied to the average family car...

Lotus Elise & Exige



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