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Boris scraps 25 per day congestion charge  (08/07/2008)

london congestion charge



The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has ended proposals to introduce a CO2 Charge.

The CO2 Charge would have meant owners of vehicles emitting the highest levels of CO2 (226 g/km and above), would have had to pay 25 a day to drive in the central London Congestion Charging zone.  The High Court has now confirmed that the paperwork necessary to end the proposal has been completed further to a legal challenge from Porsche claiming the proposed plans were "unfair and disproportionate".

Porsche has been awarded legal costs - reported around 400,000 - which will be donated to Skidz, a charity devoted to taking at-risk youths off the streets and giving them training in mechanical skills and maintenance.


This means there will be no increase in charge for drivers of vehicles emitting 226 g/km and above of CO2 (VED Band G and some equivalent Band F vehicles) from October 2008.

The 100 per cent discount for vehicles emitting up to 120 g/km of CO2 (VED Band A and B vehicles) has also been removed.  This has left many businesses and motorists who have purchase low-emission cars thinking that they will be Congestion Charge exempt come October feeling cheated.


In addition there will be no change for residents registered for the 90 per cent discount with these types of vehicles.

The decision by the Mayor means the discount for alternative fuel vehicles will remain in place and the existing Congestion Charge scheme will not be affected


For full details about the London Congestion Charge: London Congestion Charge


Green cars exempt from the Charge include:

Used Congestion Charge Exempt Cars

For a wide range of used and nearly new cars which are congestion charge except, green cars for sale.


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