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Clear your Carbon Emissions - Carbon Offset

Lower your carbon footprint is working together with partner site to help reduce the carbon footprint created by driving your car. 

We all know that driving has a negative effect on the environment.  But for many of us it is a necessity for our everyday personal and business activities.  Mobile Offset allows you to sponsor projects that offset the amount of carbon dioxide produced by driving your car.  This is done by investing in projects that reduce carbon from entering the atmosphere elsewhere, such as planting trees, investing in renewable energies, waste reduction and resource conservation.  Therefore, for every 1 tonne of CO2 produce by driving your car, 1 tonne of CO2 will be reduced elsewhere.

A Carbon Offset package helps to reduce the impact of driving by minimising current global emissions. Reduce what we can, and clear the rest!

lpg car offset


Hybrid/LPG Car Offset

1.7 tonnes of greenhouse gases are  generated by the average hybrid or LPG car driven for 10,000 miles.






small car offset


Small Car Offset (Less than 1.4 litres)

2.6 tonnes of greenhouse gases are generated by the average small car driven for 10,000 miles.






medium car offset


Medium Car Offset (Between 1.4 & 2.0 litres)

3.3 tonnes of greenhouse gases are generated by the average medium sized car driven for 10,000 miles.






large car offset


Large Car Offset (2.0 litres plus)

4.1 tonnes of greenhouse gas generated are by the average large car driven for 10,000 miles






4x4 car offset


4x4 / Sports Car Offset

5.3 tonnes of greenhouse gas generated are by the average 4x4 or Sports car driven for 10,000 miles.





If you would like more information, or to calculate multiple vehicle packages please visit Mobile Offset.

When you buy a package from Mobile Offset, you will receive a personal certificate to announce your green credentials.  You can also be kept up to date with quarterly emails detailing which projects have been invested in each period.


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