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Combining classic British sports car design with racing car technology the Lightning is powered by four electric motors.  The Lighting has been developed with exhilarating performance in mind with virtually no pollution.  The car will be launched initially as the GT followed by a lightweight GTS and a longer range, more equipped GTSE model.


The Lighting is powered by four 120kw motors utilising Hi-Pa Drive technology.  Power comes from state of the art NanoSafe battery packs.  This all translates to 700+ bhp and 0-60 in 5 seconds for the GT and an estimated 4 seconds for the lighter GTS.  Unlike a petrol engine full power is available from zero rpm.


The lighting can be charged from a conventional mains power supply.  Charging takes approximately 10 minutes and delivers 250miles of motoring with the help of regenerative braking.  The batteries are centrally located allowing for greater balance while still leaving space for the golf clubs.


As with all electric vehicles, the Lightning will be road tax and congestion charge exempt.  Powering the car on a domestic power supply will cost approximately 2.2p per mile, a tenth of the price of a petrol car.


Motors in each wheel, provide phenomenal torque and power capability which is integrated in each wheel assemble.  There is no gearbox, differential, axel, drive shaft or prop shaft to contend with.  All the power is generated at the wheels, the point at which it is required which eliminates mechanical complexity and power losses experienced with standard sports cars.  The lightweight and powerful motors also allow for regenerative braking on all four wheels.


The car is built from a carbon fibre/aluminium honeycomb composite monocoque chassis making it light and safe with a carbon fibre body.


Petrol prototypes utilising a Mustang Cobra V8 are already in use however the Lighting Car Company are now focusing on the electric emission free GT which is available for pre-order.  2008 delivery is expected.   Expect prices to be in excess of 150,000.


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