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Even more smart with the new Fortwo

smart fans get their first glimpse of the eagerly awaited new smart fortwo, with the release of photographs to coincide with the World Premiere. To be launched in the UK in autumn 2007, the new smart fortwo is even more comfortable, even more agile, even safer and even more ecological than its predecessor.

The new car has a fresh, more masculine appearance, but retains its unmistakably iconic look. The striking tridion safety cell that is also one of the main safety features, and the innovative but practical plastic bodypanels, are still an essential part of the car that has become a familiar sight on British roads.


The new smart fortwo has re-engineered, uprated petrol engines and is slightly larger in size to a 1.0 litre.  The will be a more efficient start-stop version later next year but Green Car Comparison site recommends the diesel engine producing only 90g/km and returns 81mpg.

The 19.5 cm (7 inch) increase in length has been used to give even better pedestrian safety and rear impact protection, as well as improved ride comfort. The car has a newly developed transmission system, with five gears, which offers considerable advantages in terms of comfort, fuel economy and driving agility.

The smart fortwo cabrio's electric soft top is just one example of the enhanced comfort in the cabin. It is now fully automatic and can be infinitely adjusted to any position. This means that the rear part, too, can be opened to the final position and closed again at the touch of a button.

The familiar equipment lines will continue to be available; pure, pulse and passion.  UK pricing and specification to be announced nearer to the launch date.


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