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Home » Green Car News » Fuel Cell Car News

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car News

What is the future for hydrogen powered cars?

The forecast is made in an interim report commissioned to evaluate the benefits of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles...

"What is the future for hydrogen powered cars?"

Innovative Nissan TeRRA 4x4 fuel-cell electric vehicle

The Nissan TeRRA SUV concept combines two outstanding Nissan strengths - SUVs and EVs - in a vehicle that is equally...

"nissan fuel cell cars"

Toyota support for H2 Mobility Group

Toyota is pleased to be a founding member of the UK H2 Mobility Group. Commenting on today’s announcement, Didier Leroy, President and CEO of Toyota Motor...

Toyota support for H2 Mobility Group

UKH2Mobility to analyse UK hydrogen fuel cell car roll-out

The new programme – UKH2Mobility – will evaluate the potential for hydrogen as a fuel for Ultra Low Carbon Vehicles in the UK...

The future of hydrogen fuel cell cars mapped out

Vauxhall HydroGen4 hydrogen powered car

At today’s UK H2Mobility launch event in London, Vauxhall is presenting its 4th generation hydrogen fuel cell vehicle “HydroGen4”...

Vauxhall HydroGen4 hydrogen powered car
Kia's alternative green fuel vehicle developments

Hydrogen cars are just one strand in Kia’s alternative-fuel strategy, however. Hybrids are already in production...

Kia's alternative green fuel vehicle developments

The UK’s first hydrogen vehicle refuelling station opens

The UK’s first open access hydrogen vehicle refuelling station has been officially opened at Honda’s manufacturing facility in Swindon. Built and operated...

Debut of hydrogen-powered Hyundai iX35 FCEV

Hyundai has today announced that the ix35 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) will have its UK debut at EcoVelocity, the low-carbon motor...

hyundai fuel cell cars

FCX Clarity, the world’s first production fuel cell car

The FCX Clarity, Honda’s state-of-the-art hydrogen fuel cell car which emits zero harmful emissions will be making its UK public...

FCX Clarity, the world’s first production fuel cell car

Toyota fuel cell hybrid ready to clean up

Zero emissions performance is one of the long-established goals of the motor industry and it’s an ambition that’s nearing reality for Toyota...

Toyota fuel cell hybrid ready to clean up

Mercedes A-Class E-CELL

Following the B-Class F-CELL fuel-cell car, Mercedes-Benz now introduces the new A-Class E-CELL as its...

Mercedes A-Class E-CELL

Suzuki Swift with Plug-in Hybrid

At the Tokyo Motor Show later this month, Suzuki will exhibit its latest concepts for the...

suzuki swift hybrid

Mercedes-Benz B Class F-CELL

Mercedes-Benz is launching its first series-produced fuel cell car on the road: the new B...

Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE

Another environmentally focused solution from Mazda – a Norwegian-specification RX-8 Hydrogen RE...

hydrogen mazda

Mercedes F-CELL Roadster

The F-CELL Roadster built by apprentices at Mercedes-Benz covered a section of the historic route taken by Bertha Benz...

mercedes fuel cell cars

Delivery of first hydrogen-powered BMW

‘Clean Energy’ comes to the UK next week with the arrival of eight BMW Hydrogen 7 cars.

BMW Shows Off Hydrogen Car

BMW reckons its the world's first car maker to present a proof-of-concept hydrogen-drive car,

Ford set hydrogen land speed record

Ford became the world’s first automaker to set a land speed record for a production-based fuel cell powered car...

Ford Explorer Fuel Cell

Fuel cell cars are all the rage, as Ford prepares to show a hydrogen-powered vehicle

Honda's fuel cell supercar concept

Honda’s zero-emission fuel cell supercar concept – the FC Sport design study model – has been revealed at the LA...

Honda's fuel cell supercar concept

Honda hydrogen fuel cell cars now on the road

Honda has announced competitive new pricing for its new Jazz, to appeal to the increasing number of cost conscious...


Hydrogen Honda available 2008 in the US

The FCX Clarity is a next-generation, zero-emission, hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle based on an entirely new Honda...

Hyundai i-Blue Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

The i-Blue Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle will be unveiled by Hyundai at the Frankfurt show next week will demonstrate...

Kia Borrego fuel cell vehicle

Kia Motors Corporation’s Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) programme has taken a major technological step forward...

Kia Borrego fuel cell vehicle
New Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid
Hydrogen Mazda RX-8 RE

Mazda Hydrogen RE takes to the Road Mazda Hydrogen RE

Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE at Goodwood

Mazda will display an eclectic mix of 11 past, present and future vehicles at the Goodwood Festival of Speed...

Mercedes-Benz F-Cell Concept

The F-CELL Roadster uniquely combines state-of-the-art technologies with the history of vehicle...

mercedes fuel cell cars

Mercedes-Benz A-Class F-Cell

The Mercedes A-Class F-Cell looks like any other Mercedes A-Class yet this really is a car for the...

Morgan LifeCar - More Details

The Morgan LIFECar takes a fresh look at transport, offering as revolutionary an approach to personal freedom as did the...

Morgan Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Prototype

Many British specialist sports car makers have fallen by the wayside, but Morgan just keeps on going – and now...

Record lap for fuel cell vehicle at Nürburgring

Frank Eickholt, member of the Nissan 24 Hours Nürburgring race team and Nordschleife aficionado, skilfully steered...

Nissan Fuel Cell Vehicle

Cars powered by a cheap, efficient and plentiful fuel that produces no emissions… it’s not a dream but a near reality...

Peugeot 207 Epure

At the Paris Motor Show later this month Peugeot will reveal the “207 EPURE” concept car...

Suzuki SX4-FCV Fuel Cell Vehicle
Suzuki has developed a compact fuel cell vehicle based on the  SX4 model and has received approval to test it on public...

Toyota develops new Fuel Cell Hybrid

Toyota has developed a new fuel cell hybrid vehicle that travels more than double the distance of its predecessor...

Volkswagen Space UP! Blue concept
Ford Explorer Fuel Cell
Suzuki SX4-FCV Fuel Cell Vehicle

GM’s zero-emission test programme

The goal of achieving sustainable mobility with zero emissions came a step closer today when GM announced...


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