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Audi urban electric car concept

13 September 2011

Audi urban concept study



Audi is breaking new ground with its urban concept technology study, a 1+1 vehicle for city driving. The electric-powered show car has four wheels, but does not fit into any current automobile category. Weighing just 480 kilograms, the Audi urban concept combines elements of a racecar, a roadster, a fun car and a city car into a radical new concept. It has the potential to set the trend for a new form of mobility. 

The question “How much car is necessary to deliver driving pleasure and urban mobility in an entirely new way?” was the starting point for the Audi urban concept. A model of a glider was kept in the studio during the development process as an example of lightweight construction, efficiency and reduction – of the principle of ‘less is more.'

The result is a vehicle that defies pigeonholing; a vehicle that redefines the term ‘driving pleasure’ and is completely free from the baggage of conventional concepts. The design of the Audi urban concept concentrates on the pure essence and freedom of driving in a premium form. At the same time, it offers the comfort and safety of a closed automobile, an important advantage over a motorised scooter. With its sleek body and free-standing wheels, the technology study is progressive and dramatic while being extremely agile and comfortable.

The cabin of the Audi urban concept offers slightly offset seating for two. The roof slides back to allow the driver and passenger in. This innovative solution makes the Audi urban concept even more fun to drive because the canopy can be left open in good weather. It also allows the cabin to be aired out very quickly. The fit and finish of the show car is characterised by the usual Audi attention to detail, while its technology is indicative of the brand’s wide-ranging expertise, particularly in ultra-lightweight construction.

The brand with the four rings has created an entirely new class of premium vehicle with the Audi urban concept, which now marks a new entry point to its future array of electric vehicles, which includes the range-topping R8 e-tron high-performance sports car.

The technology study is targeted at people who are interested in technology and are enthusiastic about new approaches to mobility, irrespective of their age and status. In particular, it appeals to urban drivers whose lifestyles embrace the car’s modern concept and the driving pleasure associated with it. The urban concept is also a good fit for a possible innovative leasing system.

Audi is developing an alternative to charging at a power outlet – Audi Wireless Charging (AWC) is contactless induction charging. The infrastructure side, comprising a coil and an inverter (AC/AC converter), could be built into the normal parking space of the Audi urban concept and connected to the power grid. The 3.6 kW primary coil set into the plate generates a high-frequency alternating field.

The charging process begins automatically when the urban concept is driven onto the plate. The alternating magnetic field of the infrastructure side induces an alternating current across the air gap in the secondary coil, which is integrated into the vehicle. This current is rectified and fed into the vehicle’s electrical system, where it charges the battery or powers systems such as the heater. The alternating field is only generated if the vehicle is parked over the plate and so poses no danger to people or animals.

Charging stops automatically when the battery is fully-charged, and can be interrupted by the driver at any time. The efficiency of AWC is comparable to that of other charging technologies. It is not affected by rain, snow or ice. The new technology makes charging electric vehicles easy and extremely convenient. A future version of the technology will be suitable for integration into the transportation infrastructure as a retrofit for car parks or residential streets, for example.

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