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Skoda expands its GreenLine brand

12 June 2009

Skoda expands its GreenLine brand


Skoda is proud to announce the launch of the new Octavia GreenLine, further expanding the Czech manufacturer’s environmentally friendly range.


The GreenLine uses a new manual 1.6 TDI CR engine and joins the Fabia and Superb in offering drivers a more economical car and is available for ordering now.  

Due to the Octavia’s fuel efficiency and impressive CO2 emissions of 114g/km, the new model promises to be popular with fleet operators looking to reduce running costs. For example, monthly company car tax for 40% band tax payers is just Ł69.62 with a low fuel benefit charge of only Ł73.23.

The common rail offers many advantages such as quieter running, fewer moving parts and improved performance with a wider range of power and torque curves.

More great choice for fleet operators looking to curb spending comes in the form of Škoda’s new Octavia diesel 1.6 TDI CR. The engine offers a smooth, powerful and economical drive with improved CO2 emissions below 120g/km.

Again, Škoda’s commitment to fleet customers is apparent in the annual fuel benefit savings that can be made with the new Octavia diesel when compared with the well respected 1.9 TDI PD model. A 20% band tax payer will make a saving of Ł169 while a 40% tax payer will save Ł338.

Christopher Horrell, Product Marketing Manager at Škoda comments: “It is in the interest of every fleet operator to consider both Škoda’s GreenLine range and new diesel engines as they are designed purely and simply to reduce impact on the environment which, in turn will lower fleet running costs.”


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