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Volvo DRIVe with Start/Stop technology

24 Feb 2009

Volvo DRIVe with Start/Stop technology

Volvo is extending its green DRIVe range after dramatically reducing CO2 levels and increasing fuel efficiency in seven models. The full DRIVe range will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show on 3 March 2009 and will now include the XC60 crossover, V70 and XC70 premium estates and S80 executive saloon. The current DRIVe cars, C30 SportsCoupe, S40 saloon and V50 Sportswagon all offer class leading CO2 emissions thanks to an intelligent Start/Stop system. All the new DRIVe models will be available in the UK in summer 2009 with further specification and pricing details being announced closer to the time.

Performance, preliminary CO2 emissions and fuel consumption for the new Volvo DRIVe models are as follows:

 Model   Engine  Power Output  CO2  Fuel Consumption 
 C30 Start/Stop      1.6D           109 hp/240 Nm        104 g         72.4 mpg
 S40 Start/Stop  1.6D  109 hp/240 Nm  107 g  70.6 mpg
 V50 Start/Stop  1.6D  109 hp/240 Nm  107 g  70.6 mpg
 V70  1.6D  109 hp/240 Nm  129 g   57.6 mpg
 S80  1.6D  109 hp/240 Nm  129 g   57.6 mpg
 XC60  2.4D  175 hp/420 Nm  159 g   47.1 mpg 
 XC70  2.4D  175 hp/420 Nm  159 g  47.1 mpg

All DRIVe models are equipped with a conventional diesel engine and manual gearbox optimised for extra-low fuel consumption. These cars are also tailored specifically for low rolling resistance and reduced air drag.
In order to reduce CO2 emissions to 104 g/km for the C30 and 107 g/km for the S40 and V50, the new DRIVe versions have been equipped with two intelligent new features. The first is a Start/Stop function that allows the engine to switch off when the car is at a standstill, whilst also maintaining comfort settings such as the air conditioning.

The second new feature in the C30, S40 and V50 DRIVe 1.6D with Start/Stop is a regenerative charge facility. This charges the battery as soon as the driver releases the accelerator or brakes while a gear is engaged. By harnessing the car's kinetic energy, the alternator does not have to use diesel fuel as a power source to recharge the carís battery. Fuel savings of between 2 and 3% have been achieved with this function.

The introduction of front-wheel drive and the new 2.4D engine to the XC60 crossover and XC70 premium estate will see CO2 figures tumble to 159 g/km. This will mean the XC60 will be the first premium SUV falling below the all-important 160 g/km Writing Down Allowance threshold for company cars, making the award-winning XC60 an attractive choice for the Fleet Manager once the threshold has been adopted on 1 April. Company car drivers will also benefit significantly from lower Benefit-in-Kind taxation bills.



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