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Home » Green Car News » Chevrolet Green Cars

Worry-free electric driving

03 May 2012



The Chevrolet Volt – voted European Car of the Year 2012 – opens a new chapter in the history of electric motoring. By virtue of its fundamental design, the Volt enables occupants to enjoy the benefits of no-emission driving as well as the performance and practicality normally associated with conventional cars. Whether you are out in the countryside or bogged down in a traffic jam, the Volt will get you home.

Equally important, the Chevrolet Volt delivers confident road manners. Its electric drive unit provides 370Nm of instant torque, an acceleration time of 0-60mph in 9.0 seconds; and a top speed of 99mph, making the Volt as nimble as any passenger car.

On a single battery charge, the car is capable of covering 25-50 miles using solely its internally stored electrical energy. Independent studies have shown this is sufficient to meet the daily needs of 80 per cent of European drivers.


In extended-range mode, which activates whenever the battery has reached its minimum charge, motive power from a generator is seamlessly inverted to the electric drive unit.

“The Volt is the first mass-produced car that combines the efficiency and carbon footprint of an electric vehicle with a range and degree of flexibility previously unthinkable in this segment,” said Susan Docherty, President and Managing Director of Chevrolet Europe. “The Chevrolet Volt is the best solution on the planet today for worry-free electric driving.”

A sample of early Volt customers in the US, where the car has been on sale since late 2010, suggests that they drive 1,000 miles before filling up the fuel tank. In Europe, meanwhile, the Volt qualifies for government subsidies in many countries and cities. In the UK, the Volt qualifies for the government’s Plug-In Car Grant worth up to £5,000, while it is exempt from the daily congestion charge in London, saving owners up to a further £2,000 per year.

Pioneering Voltec electric propulsion system

The heart of the all-new Chevrolet Volt is its unique Voltec propulsion system that makes it the world’s first electrically driven, extended-range vehicle. The Volt’s 150hp electric drive unit consists of two electric motors, three clutches and a planetary gearset that improve overall efficiency by reducing the combined rotational speed of the electric motors. Crucially, the drivetrain includes an onboard generator that extends the vehicle’s range to more than 300 miles in total.

Being electrically driven at all times, the Volt offers 25-50 miles of battery-powered electric driving, depending on terrain, driving technique and temperature.

Its capability to operate after the battery’s energy has been used up sets the Volt apart from other electric vehicles. The Volt’s 250 miles of extended range comes from an advanced 1.4-litre, 86hp petrol-powered engine. Once the battery’s energy is exhausted, power is seamlessly inverted to the electric drive unit from the generator.


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