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Home » Green Car News » Renault Green Cars

Renault Zoe electric car confirmed for Spring 2013

31 October 2012

"renault zoe electric car 2013"

Renault’s new supermini ZOE is available to reserve now ahead of its UK showroom launch in Spring 2013 to mark a new era of electric vehicles for all.


  The flagship vehicle of the French brand’s four-strong 100 per cent electric vehicle range is stylish, affordable and incredibly versatile – perfect for commuting, supermarket and school runs, and for households who want to downsize their engine and carbon footprint.  With an NEDC homologated range of up to 130 miles and an on-the-road price from just £13,650, ZOE is the first affordable car for everyday use to have been designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle.

ZOE packs the industry’s most advanced technology, including no fewer than six ‘world premiere’ features and 60 patents designed to deliver user-friendliness, range and connectivity.  The hotly-anticipated Renault comes in the wake of the Fluence Z.E. saloon, Kangoo Van Z.E. and the innovative urban runabout Twizy to make zero emission mobility a reality for ordinary motorists – one of the pledges of Renault’s 'Drive the Change' signature.

ZOE is available in three trim levels – Expression, Dynamique Zen and Dynamique Intens – and is packed with a raft of innovations for a new form of motoring.  The sleek supermini is the first vehicle to be equipped with ‘Range OptimiZEr’ which combines three major innovations (new-generation regenerative braking, a heat pump and MICHELIN EnergyTM E-V tyres). Due to this, the range of ZOE has the longest range of the electric vehicles in mass production. With these Michelin tyres, in the NEDC cycle, ZOE is homologated with a range of 130 miles. However, this is a reference figure, in real conditions, for example, in suburban use, the owner will generally achieve around 60 miles in cold weather and 90 miles in temperate conditions.

ZOE is the only electric vehicle to feature the Chameleon charger. Patented by Renault, this charger is compatible with all power levels up to 43kW. Charging batteries at a charging station can take between 30 minutes and nine hours, with 80 per cent of full battery power able to be achieved within 30 minutes using a single type of connection for the car.

Driving ZOE is a unique experience which gives new meaning to the term ‘driving pleasure’. The synchronous electric motor with rotor coil has a power output of 65kW (equivalent to 88hp) and instantly delivers maximum torque of 220Nm. Acceleration and pull-away are responsive from low speeds, while top speed is limited to 84mph. Driving is more relaxing thanks to the silent ride and smooth, gearshift-free acceleration.

ZOE Expression comes with an on-the-road price of £13,650, after the Government Plug-in Car Grant deduction, while the Dynamique Zen and Intens start from £14,750. Battery hire is from £70 per month.

For more information and to reserve your Renault ZOE for just £49 visit

VERSION BIK Basic Price (£) VAT (£) Total Retail (£) Less PiCG (£) Total Retail after PiCG (£) Delivery Charge (£) First Reg Fee (£) OTR after PiCG (£)
Expression 0% 14,444.44 2,888.89 17,333.33 4,333.33 13,000.00 595.00 55.00 13,650.00
Dynamique Zen 0% 15,666.67 3,133.33 18,800.00 4,700.00 14,100.00 595.00 55.00 14,750.00
Dynamique Intens 0% 15,666.67 3,133.33 18,800.00 4,700.00 14,100.00 595.00 55.00 14,750.00


Battery Rental for ZOE Miles  
up to 7,500 9,000 10,500 12,000  
Contract term*          
36 months and more £70 £77 £85 £93  
24 month +£10  
12 month +£10  


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