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Home » Environment » Act on CO2 - Cars and Global Warming

Cars and Global Warming


Global warming is the warming of the Earths atmosphere and oceans in recent decades.  Both human and non-human causes are to blame.  Non-human causes include solar activity, volcanic emissions, and greenhouse gases. Human causes are considered the primary cause, particularly since the times of the industrial revolution.  Gasses such as Carbon dioxide (CO2) are emitted into the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels.  CO2 along with other gasses such as methane (CH4) and nitrogen oxide (NO2) also act as a blanket trapping heat around the earth, which would have otherwise left, our immediate atmosphere.



These effects can be seen in statistics putting the 1990s as the warmest decade since records began. Global warming has been witnessed to have effects weightily towards the negative in respect to flooding, wildlife, increased power from hurricanes, increasingly vulnerable agricultural section and the melting of polar caps.

The albedo effect is where ‘as the ice melts, land or open water takes its place which are both less reflective than ice, and so absorb more solar radiation. This causes more warming, which in turn causes more melting, and the cycle continues.’  Scientists believe this will result in a spiral of decline where there can be no reversing the effects if serious action is not taken soon.

Popularity of green cars has soared in recent years as people have been deciding to take action on global warming and see it as a moral obligation.  Just as the temperatures of the Earths atmosphere are on the up, this is the current trend with petrol prices.  Consumers now seek alternative, more economically and eco-friendly cars. An increasing dependence on importing oil has heightened reliance on other countries, a trend countries are looking to return.  Instead there there is increasing demand on eco-friendly and domestic energy solutions.  Green cars are now attractive and more reliable than ever before making them a common sense option for many motorists whilst also being recognised as the solution to combat pollution.

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