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Home » About Green Cars » Green Car Fuels

Green Car Fuels


A description of the various fuels used to power some of the most popular  Cars

Petrol Cars

Petrol engine cars are the most common car available.  They are generally cheaper than their diesel counterparts to buy.  Petrol powered cars release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and burn non-renewable energy sources.  We all know this is bad for the environment but there are obviously some petrol cars which are less harmful (greener) than others.  More...


Diesel Cars

Diesel cars sales are on the rise in the UK as consumers are more cost conscious and demand more efficient vehicles.  Across Europe, diesel sale amount to nearly half of all new vehicle sold.  Diesels operate on average 30% more fuel efficiently than petrol powered vehicles by using higher compression ratios and higher combustion temperatures.  More...


Compressed Natural Gas

Compressed Natural Gas is a fossil fuel sourced from reserves deep under the Earth's surface. It has lower CO2 emissions compared to petrol/diesel but is still a greenhouse gas.  More...


Biodiesel is produced from renewable energy sources such as rapeseed, sunflower or soybean oil.  Biodiesel is green as it has the potential to be carbon-neutral, that is to say all the carbon dioxide emitted during use of the fuel when emitted from the vehicle is balanced by the absorption from the atmosphere during the fuel crop’s growth.  More...

Ethanol Cars (E85)

Ethanol, also known as grain alcohol is produced from plants, usually sugar cane.  The fuel has a high octane rating which in turn means increased engine efficiency.  Ethanol is widely used globally as a fuel and is increasing in popularity in Europe.  A number of manufactures have developed flexi-fuel vehicles (FFVs) currently available on from Ford, Saab and shortly Volvo cars.  More...


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