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Home » Hybrid Cars

Green Hybrid Cars

Petrol Hybrid Cars - UK available hybrid cars 

Toyota Prius hybrid

Improved 2012 Toyota Prius hybrid

Lexus CT 200h Hybrid Car

"New Lexus hybrid CT 200h"

Lexus RX 450h Hybrid Cars

Refreshed styling for full hybrid Lexus RX 450h luxury SUV

Lexus GS 450h hybrid car

The 2010 Lexus GS 450h

Lexus LS 600h Hybrid Cars

"new lexus ls 600h"

Toyota Auris Hybrid Cars

Toyota Auris Hybrid prices

Toyota Yaris


£15,000 Toyota Yaris Hybrid records CO2 emissions

Toyota Prius+

Toyota Prius+, Europe’s first full hybrid seven-seat MPV

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid

Porsche Panamera

porsche hybrid s hybrid car

Honda Jazz Hybrid Car

Honda Jazz 1.3 litre i-VTEC Hybrid

Honda Insight hybrid Car


Honda CR-Z Hybrid Cars

"Honda CR-Z hybrid gets more power"

VW Touareg Hybrid Cars

New Touareg available to order now hybrid

Infiniti M35h Hybrid Cars

No compromise Infiniti M35h

BMW 3-Series Hybrid

2013 BMW 3-Series Hybrid

BMW Active Hybrid 5


BMW Hybrid 7

BMW ActiveHybrid power available on new 7 Series

Mercedes E300 BlueTEC HYBRID

"mercedes hybrids"

Citroen DS5 Hybrid4

"Citroen DS5 Hybrid4 emissions reduced to just 91g/km"

Peugeot 3008 hybrid

"91g/km Peugeot 3008 hybrid diesel car"

Peugeot 508 RXH

Peugeot 508 RXH diesel hybrid and very low CO2 508 Saloon HYbrid4

Peugeot 508

508 range to include new-generation e-HDi




** Visit our New Diesel Hybrid Car news page **


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Lowest Emission cars!


Hybrid Car Introduction

Hybrid cars generally use a combination of two power sources.  The most common hybrids currently available on the market use both electric motors and the petrol combustion engines.  More recently a number of diesel hybrid cars have been announced.  Batteries charge and act as a storage device to power an electric motor, usually working when the vehicle is travelling at low speed or in traffic, therefore ideal for city driving.  The petrol engine, usually a small efficient unit then powers the car when more power is needed such as at higher speeds or under heavy acceleration allowing the combustion engine to only operate at its more optimum efficient speeds.  

The combustion engine is used to recharge the battery cells along with regenerative braking, therefore hybrid cars do not need to be plugged into an external power supply.  This combination of battery power and internal combustion engine produces less pollution and CO2 as no gases are released when the electric motor is running.


Plug-in Hybrid Cars


Toyota Prius Plug-in electric car

Toyota Prius electric  Plug-in car with £5,000 Government grant

Chevrolet Volt Electric Cars

Worry-free electric car driving

Vauxhall Ampera Electric Car

Ampera Earth electric car Plug in Car Grant

Renault Fluence Electric Cars

renault fluence electric car



2012 saw the launch of plug-in hybrid cars which means rather than the electric motors being charged and powered by the conventional engine, they are charged by plugging the vehicle in to a mains plug.  This is more efficient and eliminates the inherent problems on pure electric cars such as range and charge times. As such, plug-in hybrid cars benefit from up to £5k in UK government grants.


Hybrid Car News

Latest Hybrid Car News

For all the latest news about hybrid Cars from all the manufactures see out hybrid cars news page.

prius hybird car
Porsche Panamera Plug-in Hybrid confirmed – 91mpg "Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid"
99g/km CO2 emissions for new full hybrid IS 300h "New Lexus IS 300h"
188mpg Audi A3 e-tron plug-in hybrid "Audi A3 e-tron plug-in hybrid"
VW confirms XL1 Super Efficient Vehicle "Volkswagen XL1"

Toyota Auris full hybrid estate

The new Toyota Auris Touring Sports introduces an estate car body style to Toyota’s Auris range for the first time...

"Toyota Auris full hybrid estate"

Lexus IS 300h SE models available from £29,495

The entry point to the new range is the SE, priced from £26,495 for the 2.5-litre IS 250, and £29,495 for the 2.5-litre full hybrid IS 300h.


New Lexus IS to feature 217bhp full hybrid

The IS F Sport models not only display more sporting design features inside and out, they also benefit from genuine dynamic enhancements...

"Lexus-IS-300 hybrid"

Nissan Resonance hybrid crossover concept

Nissan's designers worked to express an aerodynamic feel that was lightweight yet also protective. The front exterior design shows the V-Motion...

"Nissan Resonance hybrid crossover concept"

Infiniti Q50 sports saloon with 3.5-litre petrol/electric Hybrid engine

Details of the new Q50 for Europe will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2013 and will include different powertrain...

"Infiniti Q50 sports saloon with 3.5-litre petrol/electric Hybrid engine"

VW CrossBlue diesel-electric plug-in hybrid

The CrossBlue has two ‘fuel doors’: one for the diesel tank on the passenger side, and one covering two electrical sockets on the driver’s side...

"VW Bluecross diesel-electric hybrid"

New Peugeot 2008 urban crossover

The new crossover by Peugeot is the first vehicle produced by the Marque that was designed and developed simultaneously by several...

"New Peugeot 2008 urban crossover"

Lexus hybrid sales pass half-million milestone

Lexus’s second hybrid model, the GS 450h, was introduced in 2006 and was the world first premium production saloon to be fitted with a rear-wheel drive full hybrid...

Lexus hybrid sales pass half-million milestone
2013 Honda CR-Z hybrid Sport & GT prices

Honda has announced prices for the CR-Z will start from £20,550 OTR for the Sport variant and £23,050 for the top of the range GT...


Hybrid cars Available Soon - Coming Soon



For full details about Hybrid cars, please visit our Green Car Technology Page.


Search Hybrid Cars For Sale in our classified pages


Honda Civic IMA Hybrid Car

Lexus RX-400h Hybrid Car

Toyota Prius Hybrid Cars

Lexus CT 200h Hybrid Car

New Lexus CT 200h on sale now



Hybrid Cars






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