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bentley e85 Bentley Continental Petrol / E85 (Flex Fuel)
Cadillac BLS 2.0T Flexpower Petrol / E85 (Flex Fuel)
All-new Ford C-MAX Ford C-MAX Petrol / E85 (Flex Fuel)
Ford Focus Petrol / E85 (Flex Fuel)
Ford S-MAX and Galaxy Ford Galaxy Petrol / E85 (Flex Fuel)
Ford Mondeo Petrol / E85 (Flex Fuel)
Ford S-MAX and Galaxy Ford S-Max Petrol / E85 (Flex Fuel)
NEW SAAB 9-3 DIESELS SET 119 G/KM CO2 CLASS BENCHMARK Saab 9-3 Saloon 1.8t Biopower Petrol / E85 (Flex Fuel)
Most powerful sub 120g/km Saloon and Estate on sale in the UK Saab 9-3 Convertible 1.8t Biopower Petrol / E85 (Flex Fuel)



Due to advances in design and technology every so often a new car comes along with features that are of benefit to the environment.  Over time these features will be adopted by other manufacturers and will be available on future cars.


For example, cars are now built with their drag coefficient (wind resistance) in mind.  The lower the resistance, the better the fuel economy.


Weight is another important factor.  A lighter car means less mass to accelerate and move around and therefore less power is needed, in term increasing the cars efficiency.  Manufacturers are therefore always thinking of new ways to reduce weight of vehicles and how to use other technology to make their cars efficient.



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