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Review a Green Car

This is your chance to share your experiences of your Green Car.  What mpg do you really achieve?  Are you happy with your car, the quality, the fuel savings, the dealer?  Would you recommend the car to a friend?


Please write a short review by completing the form below.  All reviews will be checked before being posted on the relevant car page.  Please see some examples below.

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Toyota Prius: Reviewed by Steve from Kendal on 17th July 20xx

Brilliant. Must be the easiest and quietest car I've ever driven - and although the speed performance is not amazing, I'm very happy with the 55+ mpg average over the first 15,000 miles.
Boot space is 50% more than a Golf, and most of our journeys have been cross country with boxes of books. Maybe 25% Motorway - 40% A roads - and then all those wiggly, hilly bits that join Cumbria.
Yeah - it's expensive, but it I very refined and so easy to drive.


Honda Civic IMA: Reviewed by Frank from Leeds on 04 July 20xx

I've now had the car for three months and I love it. The auto box is marvelous and gives you big car convenience with a very relaxed, laid back style of motoring. I thought the little 1.4 engine would struggle on the 70 mile round trip on the M62 but it covers it with ease with power to spare.  I do get fed up with all the questions and jibes from office colleagues who have more expensive cars but soon as I tell them I save over 3K a year on tax in comparison to my Mondeo Titanium they soon shut up. I would recommend to anyone wanting a comfortable, quiet, refined, autobox cruiser. It won't break the land speed record but neither will it break your bank account in terms of company car tax.

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