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Aixam Mega electric commercial vehicles

06 May 2009

Aixam Mega electric commercial vehicles

Ultra-light electric vehicle manufacturer Aixam Mega has introduced a new, two-seat electric vehicle into the UK market, designed as a cost-effective and practical runabout for local authorities and large business users.

The Mega e-City Pro is a pared-down version of the proven Mega e-City, and is priced at £10,131 plus VAT. Its ongoing running costs are around 2-3p per mile, including re-charging and maintenance.


With petrol and diesel prices rising rapidly again, and pressure mounting on public sector bodies and large businesses to cut their carbon emissions, Aixam Mega believes that this is a good time to introduce a small all-electric vehicle designed specifically for the needs of businesses.


Lawrence Holland, general manager of Aixam Mega in the UK, said: “By cutting back on extras the e-City Pro offers all the functionality of the Mega range at a significantly reduced cost.


“In addition to savings on running costs it offers many other tangible benefits such as emissions-free motoring and exemption from Road Tax. Electric vehicles are also a powerful public relations tool helping customers, suppliers and members of the general public to become aware of the practical steps an organisation is making to reduce its environmental impact.”


The new model can be registered as a commercial vehicle so that businesses can reclaim VAT. It also qualifies for 100 per cent First Year allowance. The e-City Pro has steel wheels in place of alloys, manual window controls in place of electrics, and no rear wash wiper or radio (except as optional extras). It is available in white, making it easy for organisations to apply their own branding if required.


The Mega e-City range is designed for urban use and for frequent stop-start trips. Because they emit no CO2 or particulates on the road they can also be used in under cover applications, or in areas where there are dense concentrations of pedestrians, such as city shopping centres.


The vehicles have a range of up to 40 miles depending on road conditions and driving style, and a top speed of 40 miles per hour.


In London they are exempt from the Congestion Charge, and they benefit from free parking and free on-street charging in a growing number of locations around the country. There are tax incentives available for business users of electric vehicles.


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